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Python files



The numbering scheme employed for the Python files follows that used for the Matlab files in our textbook. However, there are a few exeptions:

(1) The Python file python08_examplefun.py replaces the Matlab files mat08_df1.m, mat08_df2.m, mat08_f1.m, and mat08_f2.m

(2) The Python file python13_subfunctions.py replaces the Matlab files mat13_2.m, mat13_3.m, mat13_4.m, and mat13_5.m

(3) The Python file python14_6.py also contains the Matlab files mat14_6Fcos.m and mat14_6Fsin.m

(4) The Python file python16_1.py also contains the Matlab file mat16_2.m

(5) The Python file python18_examples.py replaces the Matlab files mat18_3.m, mat18_ex2.m, mat18_ex5.m, mat18_ex6.m, and mat18_ex8.m


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